Life Purpose and Weight Loss?

 Life Purpose and Weight Loss?

The most obvious reasons for wanting to lose weight are pretty simple: get healthier, look better and feel better.  But have you considered a reason for weight loss that goes beyond this? In my quest for understanding how everything in our physical world is connected to our spiritual world, I have discovered three levels for why we want to lose weight.

The first level is purely aesthetic: We don’t’ like the way we look, we hate our bodies and want to change it. We typically don’t care what we have to do to get to our goal weight at this level-we are willing to do anything!  Severely cutting back calories, working out excessively, or even resorting to plastic surgery is accepted.  At this level we are obsessed about our physical appearance, and at the end of the day nothing satisfies us.  Even weight loss!

The second level for why we want to lose weight is health related.  We still do not like our bodies but at this point we are learning to create a new relationship to it.  The doctor might have told us that we are at risk of getting sick (or sicker) if we don’t start taking care of ourselves, so we are willing to make better choices with food and exercise.

Weight loss is slower but it’s ok because we are mainly working on becoming healthier.  Our main focus here may still be on numbers, but it is also about learning to reconnect with our body.

The third level of desire is completely different.  You sense there is something much bigger than focusing on weight loss and and realize that you were not put onto this earth to worry about the number on the scale your entire life. You feel a strong, undeniable calling towards making a big difference in the lives of yourself and others. At this level you know what your life purpose is, or at least you are intentionally seeking it out.

Weight loss may still be desired but it is not the main focus here.  In fact, the main focus here is to feel good in your body, and to honor and respect it because you know that it is the vehicle for you to execute your life purpose.  Healthy habits are not for losing weight, they are for nourishing the physical body that is allowing you to move and navigate through this physical reality.

At this level there is no deadline to reach a certain number on the scale!  This is not to say you won’t lose weight, it just means that you intrinsically take care of yourself and your body.  You workout because you enjoy the feeling of your muscles moving and it invigorates you.  You eat healthy because you feel better when consuming natural and whole foods.  And of course, you enjoy your favorite dessert and glass of wine in the perfect amounts, at the perfect time!

The truth is, you were NOT put here on earth to worry about the number on the scale or the size of your jeans.  Each of us has a tremendous gift to offer the world and by focusing our daily thoughts on these things holds us back from fulfilling our life purpose.  The great news is, you can have both!  You can pursue your life purpose and be healthy and look great at the same time.


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