How can I be the biggest and boldest ?

How can I be the biggest and boldest ?

Do you ever wonder if you’re making a real difference in this world? Do you have a deep longing to do something that benefits others, but you’re uncertain whether it will make a lasting impact?

Years ago, I struggled with this common dilemma. I assumed that making a difference required doing more with my life. I made changes in my career and personal life, I volunteered and I became a mentor. My life was packed with activity, but I still felt like something greater was missing.

So I decided to ask my spirit guides for help. As a medium who specializes in communicating with spirit guides, I knew I would receive the loving guidance I was asking for. Even still, the answer really surprised me.

The message I received from my spirit guides was that making a difference did not actually require doing more. It didn't mean saving the whales, spearheading a humanitarian project or renouncing worldly possessions. And while those indeed are worthy actions, my spirit guides told me that I could make a huge, monumental difference just by doing the one thing I can do better than anyone else.

“Just be you,” they said. “In everything you do, be you. That’s how you make a difference.”

You have a unique combination of talents, abilities and ideas, and your natural greatness is needed by this world. It is safe to be you. Only you can make the most difference in your family, your community and the world by boldly being YOU.

The clearest indicator that you're compromising who you truly are is a lack of joy.

Whether you’re making daily decisions or reflecting on larger areas of your life, notice when you stop feeling joy. Ask yourself, “How can I be the biggest, boldest ME in this very moment?”

Before I started my own business, I made the practical decision to go to nursing school. Nurses obviously help people in the world, but to be honest I was miserable. As practical and sensible as it sounded, I quickly realized nursing school wasn’t for me.

As I thought about my natural gifts and being a bigger, bolder me, I realized that I love talking to my spirit guides and using my intuitive gifts to make life easier. Now I share these messages with people all over the world, offering clarity, hope and healing.

Just by being myself and doing what brings me the most joy, I’ve helped people reconnect with their loved ones who have passed, start new careers, enter into fulfilling relationships, and feel empowered to live life on their own terms. I finally feel like I’m making a difference, and the only real change I made was to be myself.

As you follow your joy and express your true self in the world, you inspire other people to do the same. You make a big difference in more ways than you can even imagine. Let your natural beauty and greatness shine through everything you do. Just be you.







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