Our Mission

Our mission is to campaign in favour of citizens’ quality of life.

Citizen Label is more that just labelling. Citizen Label is a concept that celebrates life and nothing better to celebrate people for that.

The best way to celebrate life as a gift, is to celebrate the citizens all over the word that make us take a step forward in our journey to happiness.

We celebrate first expertise in way that is not judgemental. It is all about feedback and non-about judgement.

Citizen label is both a recognition that highlights expertise in many fields that enhance quality of life and an encouragement to reach our full potential.

Being considered in Citizen Label as an expert is not a static level evaluation.
There are many levels of expertise in our journey and everyone should be given the chance to makes mistakes and look forward to improve.

A non-expert can be given recognition of expert status because quality of work speaks for itself. Expert status is not a question of levels of graduation; it is about levels of knowledge and involvement in the community.

As a company also we believe in power of failing because it can be the start of an improvement. Every innovation started with a failure.

We should all manage expectations regarding Experts because bashing experts will lead only to poor quality of content.

Citizen Label is also recognition of products that can be 100% natural, Organic, or made in a sustainable way.

The same way the products we will forecast are products we love. It doesn’t mean that those products are perfect products but products that are a step ahead in innovation.

We will see the best in all products and feedback in a way to give a chance to those companies to enhance quality and encourage them to their innovation journey.

Let the journey begin.